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No this? Sometimes it takes several calls into customer service to get an agent to work with you on such an issue. I have found that the customer service team can be your advocate as long as you tell your whole story in detail on dates, times etc They will issue an incidental forgiveness credit Best of Luck. I have called. I have emailed. I keep getting the same response "If you make a change to your account online a note is automatically entered in your account.

Sorry we have no record of that" I informed them that when I moved I had to update my address twice and after updating my phone when I bought a new one 5 or 6 times at tmobile. They still have me down as having the wrong phone. The only suggestion I can offer is to use the telephone customer service and start with the first line customer service rep. I after sharing your story.. Explain your situation and the outcome you are requesting.

If you can not get a reasonable resolution; then ask to move to the next level of support If you still can not get the resolution you are seeking. Hang Up and start over. This method has worked for me in the past All The Best. Nancy Quon in Berkeley, California. We are investigating these issues.

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We would like to speak with you about them. Please email me at nancyq hbsslaw.

T-Mobile Employee Made Unauthorized ‘SIM Swap’ to Steal Instagram Account

No I do not work for T-Mobile. Yes, we would like to investigate these issues, so if you would like to discuss your issues, please contact me privately. With regards to my comment regarding the text message charge issue; my concern is not necesarily with T- Mobile But I have good news for Floridians At the state level, a mandate is in place about tennager texting. Wireless providers have responded by offering parental controls Why is this important?

Because anyone in Florida can request to have this parental feature on their phone ending the problem with unwanted text messages!

Part 2: How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone for Free

I beleive there are other states that are mandating more control with texting especially teenagers that learning to drive for the first time! This is for those that are tired of getting stuck with charges that don't belong to them. I noticed my T-Mobile bill going up in price each month, so today, being tired of paying more than what I signed on for, I started to do some research on our bills. We have kept every single piece of paper T-Mobile has sent to us over the last two years We never received any "insert". On top of this, for the last year of our service, we have had dropped calls, static on the lines, no service, etc.

We have called many times to get the technical problems resolved-even went as far as purchasing new phones at full cost for both lines and replacing sim cards-and still-the service is below par. As far as the texting goes-I did my research and then looked at our plan online I signed in, clicked on "Plans", went to the bottom of the window and clicked on "See Other Included Services", went to the bottom of the next screen and clicked on "More Information About Services", On the next page Yet they are charging everyone more!

A month-not a year or more. Think on it-every one of their customers is paying more than what they say they actually are charging. I called T-mobile and explained that we were very unhappy with the service and now we find out that our Text cost went up. I spoke to a lady and explained what I found on their website and started to ask why they were charging me more than they themselves state the charge is supposed to be. And here I have been. You can not do this for text messages The only option you have is to change your mobile number.

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The spam filter is for email and that is strictly it. Please do not advise people to use this as a way to block unwanted text messages If you are receiving unwanted, harassing text messages contact the sender and request that they stop or you will report them to you local authorities. If they continue contact your local authorities and contact T-Mobile to have your mobile number changed.

I am a customer service rep with T-Mobile, and am happy to say that the company has finally figured out how to block incoming and outgoing text messages! It will be available sometime next month. Call and set it up to avoid unnecessary charges. Oh, and you get charged for the message coming INTO your phone You can receive text messages and not open a single one, but are still charged!

It's not sour grapes. No company should be able to rip you off in ANY way repeatedly and get away with it. I've had serious problems with them and needed to speak to their customer service and both times they were either complete morons or were trained to lie to me and act stupid. The first time they sent me my phone but I wasn't home to pick it up so it got returned - they only require one delivery attempt. I told them there was no contract because I never activated my imaginary phone!

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I had the tracking number and looked online and it clearly stated it had been returned. They just kept sending me notices about having to pay an early contract termination fee. I took wi-fi enabled phones and t-mobile at home. I have been told that call type U calls Hot-spot calling is free. Nobody clearly told me about the fact that I need to add any service to make it free. You have the option of downloading a free trial version before making a full purchase. What about the Call History? Enter your Email Address, We will send you the download links of our products.

Once there, fire up the Messages app on your phone and under the three-dot menu, tap Messages for web. Follow the steps and you should be online in a few seconds. Apart from letting you quickly share files and mirror notifications from your phone to a PC, Pushbullet also has a dedicated SMS tab.

You will find all your existing conversations there, and can view or reply with both text and media. Then, swipe out from the left edge to reveal the navigation drawer and choose SMS. On your computer, there are multiple ways you can view your messages.

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  • You can download the desktop apps or browser extensions, or sign in at the Pushbullet website. Download: Pushbullet Apps Free, subscription available. Pulse is a third-party SMS client that offers a multitude of advanced features. That includes a wide range of themes to choose from, password protection, Giphy integration, previews for web links, a ton of nifty shortcuts, and of course, the ability to manage SMS messages from your computer.

    The Pulse web app functions similar to Android Messages and comes with a modern, clean aesthetic with all the tools you need. However, these supplementary features are not free. Along with letting you text from your computer, MightyText has a plethora of utilities like an SMS scheduler, a multi-window mode where you can attend to numerous chats at once, and more. MightyText can do a lot of what Pushbullet offers, including notification mirroring. Because the free version has a monthly cap for how many SMS messages you can send, you will have to purchase the subscription for unlimited access.

    Download: MightyText Free, subscription available. These texting websites will let you send SMS messages from your computer for free. Read More , try these options:. Your email address will not be published. Do you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you? Do you want to know the truth? Then contact michaelstealth9 gmail. He provides ethical hacking services to anyone you is suspicious of a cheating spouse. All the hacks are executed remotely , this means that you can have access to a suspected cheating spouse device without even having Contact with the target device.

    With this info , he can grant you access to the target phone records , call records , text messages including deleted texts that goes as far as 8 months, access to social profiles attached to the email and phone number.

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    You can also request for proof before making payment. They also have a money back policy in rare cases of dissatisfaction. I didn't waste much time I called the number I got a quick response I explained I was want to hack my husband you was cheating on me their was no other way I could get rid of his evil act he comes late at night wakes up the night to receive calls talking to people he hasn't even told me about all these made me really mad few hours after I gave the hacker his information I was called up within 55mintues I was asked to install an application that was sent to me on my phone after I installed the application I was able to see his income and outgoing messages I was able to see all that he was hiding from then I challenged him on a Sunday after church he denied all this fact of cheating on me then I showed what I got installed for him he couldn't say a damn word am just happy we are happy together again.

    I only have a Galaxy 4 Tablet - no Android phone. Can I still use MightyText? If so, how? Thanks, Dan. That means it's good to go. You don't have to do anything else with it on your phone. Follow the instructions, man. Just go to the website it gives you to finish setting it up. Works great! This could be a good alternative to avoid Distracted Driving. When I think back this text solution can avoid distraction since the messages can be auto-responded by setting triggers. Title is misleading, it should say for Android phones Turn your phone into a hotspot and you can control your phone without internet connection or network infrastructure: directly from phone to PC: Android WebControl.

    Viber has desktop application for ALL platforms. It works through your internet connection.

    How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

    Why do I need any of these. To top it all the much touted Mighty Text, if it works through cellular network inly, is useless in my opinion if it can't do it over wifi and internet. I don't need any application to text somebody over over 2G or 3G connection. The idea is also to save money!!!! I use Gmail using Google voice - send and receive email, SMS, IM, audio calls, video calls - all in one place - from my phones and anybody's computer - to individuals or groups - free.

    What am I missing? Why should I change? Don't think you are missing a thing as long as you live in USA. The rest of us are looking for viable solutions