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Trump at the center of the scandal, American diplomats pressured President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. Zelensky to agree to open investigations potentially beneficial to Mr. Trump as Mr. Zelensky tried to secure a meeting with him.

Days before the call, Mr. Taylor cited a top Ukrainian politician as suggesting that the United States was disrespecting Ukraine. How did you sway him? Zelensky had to convince Mr. Trump that Ukraine would open an investigation in order to get a meeting with him. Zelensky urgently sought a meeting to show that the United States has good relations with Ukraine, which is facing ongoing Russian aggression.

Trump was intent on a "deliverable" — an announcement of an investigation.

The Trump administration would not set a date for a meeting between the two presidents unless and until Mr. Zelensky publicly announced the investigation Mr.

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Trump sought. Gordon Sondland: Good idea Kurt. I am on Pacific time. Rudy Giuliani: Yes can you call now going to Fundraiser at Zelensky suggested simultaneously announcing plans for a visit and for the investigations Mr. Trump wanted.

But Mr. Zelensky ultimately made no public commitment to the inquiries. It came to light in late August that the Trump administration froze military assistance to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia. Though the White House decided before the July call to delay the aid, the texts suggest that Ukraine found out from later news reports.

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The next day, the White House canceled Mr. Zelensky were to meet. Taylor made the subtext explicit, asking if the other Americans were to tell the Ukrainians that the release of the aid and any presidential meeting were conditioned on opening investigations. This is one of several texts where Mr. Taylor appeared to be seeking to create a candid written record of what he thought was going on, and Mr.

Sondland resisted. Taylor raised the prospect of Russian delight in the spectacle. Taylor appeared to worry that even if the Ukrainians publicly said they were carrying out the investigations that Mr. Trump sought, he still might not release the aid — delighting Moscow. Taylor said he would resign if that happened. Sondland to write a stilted denial and to request that they stop texting about it.

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Taylor reveals a phone discussion that explicitly tied the security assistance to Ukraine with its willingness to help Mr. Hours later, Mr. Sondland typed back a formal-sounding denial — and asked Mr. Taylor to stop discussing the issue in writing. Letter from House Committee Chairmen. Please contact your cell phone carrier for details.

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