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Once the person opens the link, the application is automatically installed to his or her smartphone. This method is possible to do. It only works on iOS devices.

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There are some other methods you can keep in mind. Read reviews of various spying apps to find the right one for you. You can start spying on their device and watching their every move. This can be done without installing the iPhone spy app directly to their phone. Smart spying involves reading text messages without installing the software. The great thing about an iPhone spy app is that it will synchronize all of the information you access to your online account.

This app is not available for Android phones. The process for spying on Android phones is more complex since there are various operating systems and smartphones. There is a way to work around this. Send the user a link to install the software. APPLE has finally fixed a dangerous bug that let anyone snoop on your conversations using your iPhone's microphone. However, you'll need to make sure you update your iPhone immediately for the fix to take effect. Security experts recently revealed that an Apple iCloud bug let anyone read your private iPhone notes.

The Face Time bug meant that anyone could call your FaceTime and listen in through your microphone, without you ever accepting the call.

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In some cases, it was even possible to secure a live video feed of the victim — without their knowledge or consent. Apple temporarily disabled Group FaceTime while it prepared a fix last week, but the company supposedly knew about the bug days prior to the 9to5mac reveal. You'll be able to re-enable FaceTime by downloading software updates on your iPhone and Mac. For iPhones, you'll need to update to iOS That's because things can easily go wrong during an update, and you'll want to avoid losing your precious data — like photos or videos.

To do this, simply head into the iCloud settings on your iPhone and turn on the 'iCloud Backup' feature. If you don't have enough space for the update on your phone, Apple may ask you if it can temporarily remove some apps from your phone. But don't worry: Apple will reinstall any deleted apps, including any data you had stored on those apps.

Lower Priced Items to Consider

This is important to have when recording in the dark. If this feature is not included and you are planning to record in dark areas or in the night, it will be hard to see what is going on. If you are someone who is planning to surveil their homes or offices 24 hours a day, it is recommended that you purchase a device that has night vision. If your USB spy camera supports WiFi real-time streaming and you want to use that feature you want to make sure that your mobile device is supported.

Most products will only support Android or IOS devices. Some support Windows and Mac operating systems. Loop recording is a great feature if you do not have lots of space on your memory card or are planning on recording for very long periods of time.

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If the storage is full, it will overwrite the oldest recordings to enable it to record indefinitely. You plug it in and it starts recording. It either stores in a microSD memory card, or it gives you real-time live viewing of the recording on your mobile device. If the spy camera is not WiFi and mobile device supported the setup is very simple. If the device does not come with a microSD memory card and a reader they usually come with a reader you have to purchase them. You can buy a microSD memory card up to GB depending on how much you need.

After that, just place the card into the directed spot of the device and it will start working. If you want to extract and view the recording, just take out the card and plug it into your computer with the reader. Every product is different, but the top ten we tested were very simple. In the USB spy camera tutorial above, there are different features and aspects of the camera that are necessary for different needs and uses. Every need needs different features, and you need to read the list and decide what features are most important for you. Most of them do not, but it depends on the product.

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You have to pay attention to the amount of storage the device is compatible with. Some will support 32GB, whilst others could support GB. Buy according to your needs, and how much storage you think you will realistically need. You will need to take the card out of the device, and use a microSD card reader and plug it into your computer or mobile device, depending on what port the reader has usually USB.

Some of the products will come with their own card readers. For most devices, you will need to install the compatible software and connect to the camera. Instructions and step by step methods are always given with the product, or when you purchase the product on the product details. They are usually very easy to set up. Most of the cameras will support Android and IOS devices.

Every device varies, so you will have to check the product details. Out of the products we tested in the top ten list, all the software ran precise and smooth and worked without trouble. Some software could possibly lag if you have outdated software or old hardware. To do this, it is the same throughout most of the different products.

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Take out the microSD memory card from the device and plug it into a microSD reader. From there, plug it into your computer and delete the files off of the microSD. The products that were tested in this list were found to be very durable and last for a long time. If it manages to break, most of the products on this list come with a day warranty. Each device on our top ten list has charging capabilities. They can charge any device which can be plugged into a USB port. The USB spy camera will charge your devices as well as any other charger. A great feature provided by this product is an alarm sounding system.

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He has had positions in both security and private investigation over the years. He currently dedicates his time to security and in his spare time helps write and manage the Gadgets Spy blog. Getting Started If your looking for a inconspicuous spy camera that is the perfect mix of hidden and feature rich, then you need to get a USB Spy Camera. SS Wireless Hidden USB Spy Camera WiFi Our Pick With a full new updated version, this usb camera is the most advanced one out there today, it has featured that no other usb camera has including multiple users and email notifications, think of a feature, this little device has it!

Check Latest Price. Check Price On Amazon. Every time it starts recording detects motion it sends you a notification to your device, which leads to another super cool pro. Informants Spy Camera This USB spy camera is yet another device which is minimal in features, but not poor in quality. What is a USB spy camera? Why would I need one?

Camera quality Camera quality is important depending on your needs.

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WiFi Compatibility WiFi compatibility is a game changer for some people. Size Some cameras come bigger or smaller than others, both in the realm of weight and size. Motion Detection Motion detection is a crucial aspect. Night Vision This is self-explanatory. Mobile Compatibility If your USB spy camera supports WiFi real-time streaming and you want to use that feature you want to make sure that your mobile device is supported. Loop Recording Loop recording is a great feature if you do not have lots of space on your memory card or are planning on recording for very long periods of time.

How does a USB spy camera work? How can I choose the right camera for my needs? How do I retrieve the data from the microSD memory card? Will the WiFi feature work with my mobile device?

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Does software on supported products work well? What do I do if my USB spy camera breaks? Will the USB ports charge my device?