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Surveillance Cameras - Where Is It Legal to Place Them?

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Get Best Deal. Related Product from Top Suppliers. Chandresh Enterprise Corporation. Call Roshani Marketing. Accent Controls Private Limited. Navkar Trading. Related Categories. Mobile Lights. Emailed the local council- they sent a letter to me, them and the estate agent. Emailed the neighbourhood police- they are coming to visit me at mine. Please has anyone been through similar or can offer advice. Not sleeping calling in sick a lot now. Dont really feel safe and dont want to leave my house.

Got a dummy CCTV as a deterent. Saw them taking pictures of it today. My neighbour has just installed a "device" which seems to have a lens and in low light conditions has 2 red lights on it. This device is supposed to be guarding their oil tank from intruders. Unfortunately their oil tank is only about 1 foot away from my sitting room wall , so the device is directed at my wall.

This wall of this sitting room is only 4 foot high , with a sloping ceiling. The ceiling has a velux window, located just above the oil tank. Consequently, the device appears to be looking into my room. It just so happens that I usually sit under this velux window.

My problem is 1. I do not know what this device is. I happened to see a man installing it unmarked van I asked him what it was and all he would tell me was that it was to guard the tank.

I cannot ask my neighbour directly as I am in the midst of a noise dispute with him me complaining. So how can I tell if it is a camera or something else? If it is a camera, is there anyway I can find out whether possibly inadvertently it can see into my room? If it can see into my room is there anything I can do? Jackie - Dec PM. My next door neighbour has bought the other house at the other side of us.

He has installed a cctv camera at the top of the garden looking at his new property. Not sure if it catches ours but the bathroom window is on that side. Also he has put a camera on a wall facing up the shared path that crosses our back yard. I let the dog out at night. The camera turned blue and heard a voice saying what you looking at??? Is this 1 illegal?

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Tomo - Dec PM. Hi, I have two acquainted neighbours from same country of origin who placed surveillance camera 2 feet from both my windows. The neighbours could have placed their respective cameras between their bedroom windows, I.

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The other neighbour placed surveillance camera into direction of my door entrance rather than the other way. Again that neighbour catches all my privacy. The surveillance cameras 2 feet away from my bedroom windows record purposely all my private conversations. I also noticed a covert camera into neighbour's car towards my direction drive in path. I strongly believe the neighbours' action is based on prejudicial views about social tenants. I retire from professional life following chronic illnesses, regarded as disability.

I lead a quiet life with my 7 year old child. My family has never been known for anti social behaviour. I view the neighbours' action as intentionally invasive. I am petrified of having neighbour dispute about this. The neighbours are not reasonable people, prepared to remove their surveillance cameras away from my property. Please advise if what neighbours are doing is legal and how can I counter such flagrant privacy intrusion. Thank you Alice - 8-Oct AM. I have a cctv camera that can move degrees and I have it pointed down my drive and I make a point of not moving the camera over to any of my neighbours areas but one of my neighbours has complained about the camera breaching her human rights.

So my question is where do I stand legally? Goose - Aug PM. Jesse - Your Question:. My neighbour has his drive fenced in by large wooden gates - he has a short drive that leads up to his gates that is parallel to my drive which is open and not fenced in. He has put up cctv cameras on the outside of his gates which he says is to monitor his short drive, but in reality the cameras are pointing at my open plan drive and side on to my front door so that he can see my every move - is there anything I can do about this?

ProblemNeighbours - Jun PM. Jesse - Jun PM. What can l do when our neighbour has positioned a cctv camera on the upper wall of his house directly facing our house, bedroom, living room and garden. I'm having to keep my curtains closed. He said he would do it. But he still hasn't moved the angle to his own garden. What can l do? Nosey neighbour - 8-Jun AM.

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  6. CCTV i have cctv fitted on our property because football game on my street and damage to my wife car by neighbour kids. We have recently objected to an oversized and overlooking outbuilding that our new neighbour is proposing. Today the same neighbour has installed 4 CCTV cameras he does not reside at the property it is tenanted. The two rear cameras are clearly visible from our patio and our garden. I would suggest given their degree capture they are capable of filming my entire rear garden and our coming and goings from our rear access and onto our patio.

    This feels somewhat in retaliation to our planning objection.

    NEA will use cameras to detect illegal smoking - here's how it could work

    Ultimately this neighbour will now remotely be able to monitor our own activity and coming and goings as well as his tenants. What would be the best way of tackling this? Natty - Mar PM. My next door neighbours have a camera on the front of the house. Whenever it goes dark, it picks up the slightest movement and shouts loudly Its a nuisance and now i hear it all day long in my head wether im in work or in bed i hear it what can i do Tilly - Mar PM.

    I am receiving police support over a harassing neighbour.